We went to Disney world 

When I was a child I never in 1 million years. Think I would be going to Darianlake a fun water and ride park. Let alone Disney world. Now I have children I told myself that I was going to take them to Disney world. I didn’t think it would happen this fast. It did we had the time of our life!! The children smiles on their face was just breath taking.  

How did we do it??

If I didn’t have faith in myself I wouldn’t of made it this far I started something. I’m still holding on to what’s mine, I earned it I’m keeping it. I jumped out on faith, I know what are my weaknesses, and my strenths. I am not hurting for money it hurts more to know the key, and don’t open the doors for others. I am at a point in my life. That I am at peace seeing others rise financially with me. I use methods that pull the right people in your corner. I will say!! that not everyone have it in them to run a business. I will give the option to live financially free.. Just remember when you are rich you will have to have fun. Spend time with your family. Be there for the children recitals. Games, and what ever else you have time for you. Become your own boss, and have fun.


If I haven’t done it yet I will do it I concord fears just for my family so that we can be happy. It was my family on my mind that gave me the courage to put my fears behind me. They are the reason I changed to better us. We made it out together in one piece. Living to tell our story. I am happy to have a loving family. They show me the meaning of love.I couldn’t of done the things we do if I didn’t fail in the past. I’m lucky to have them all with me. They all deserve the world we will see to it that we will.


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