How to create you 2018 by changing habits

Are you looking forward to what is called New year’s well me to are you preparing for your life-changing experience we are in the time of technology, self knowledge and empire building. Where everything you need is always in your reach. You have to think about how you want to spend the rest of your life know the things we have been told that is true as we continue to grow conciously we will soon figure out that all we need to be the best we can be in the best state of mind in life with the ability to change our lives for the better I searched for the true purpose of loving I wondered what religion I belonged to I was ready to be the most active member of what ever religious establishment because I saw all of the wrongs that was going on in the world I stopped all my bad ways bad habits to better myself for false help I never realized until 1 year after hurting myself more than I hurt other with the pain that I lived with because I wanted guidance to God then I found the truth he lives inside of me he is my Hart beat when I met her she was a beautiful being she was just a light with pink white and purple. I couldn’t believe what I saw she was ready to show me who God is I learned more about my back ground where I came from why I live the life of do and how to change it I had to shift my mindset to think for myself research everything on my own and never go by what anyone else say or do create your life for you. I had a feeling what I figured out was not real I doubted myself you know the saying believe only what you see and not what you hear. You have to live your life alone to create the secret of life hypothetical speaking. Only you will know what it is that you need you can have a whole family they will play a part in you journey but will not be able to create your happiness. Just live your life for you. Stay positive never let go of your own dreams you have the power to do what ever you want in life even with all this good that will come while you 

Shifting your mindset

When I first started creating my life I didnt know how to do it I thought I just had to meditate and I will meet this higher person over me only because we all have been manipulated to believe we need someone that is outside of us or someone that’s higher than us so when we hear our own voice when we speak and pray to this higher self. Key word higher self that celf is you the cells inside of your she’ll that blocks all harm to the soul that is who you need to be talking to they told you your crazy for talking to yourself because it’s an cure to all your disease and if you talk to yourself there will be no hospital no police no food not nothing that can have control over our life. We will be completely free to be ourselves. It’s been proven I you just let go and listen to yourself speak you growth in life stop blaming others for your falls in life take responsibility and change the situation.


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