6 goals to succeed online.

Greetings all,

I’m glad you made it to this page. If your here I know it’s because you want to know what your doing wrong. Why are you not so into building your dreams. I can just about guess it’s because you don’t believe in yourself. It’s because your scared that what you do someone else is as well. They are doing it pretty well. You don’t think your capable of building your dream, because your playing too much. Your focused on the wrong things. I’m not saying it to judge you. I say it because I was you before. I just knew I had what it took, but when another person is in my same industry. They are better to me in my eyes then I thought. They just have done things I was too scared to do. Be me, and strive to be better. Always respect the hustle of others is a must admire to exceed the limit.

There is No Reinventing The Wheel.

Competitor analysis is the first of the 6 steps to web marketing success because understanding how your competitors have succeeded online can help you avoid the costly trial and error of testing strategies that do not work. After we disassemble your competition’s web marketing we will outline in clear detail what they have done right to be worthy of your scrutiny. In this analysis we typically analyze a minimum of three competitor websites in order to see if any trends are developing. This intelligence will play a critical role in creating the custom web strategy that will serve as your map to online success.


               Here are the 6 goals to succeed online.

1. Offsite Factors Analysis

We will closely examine the links pointing to your competitor’s website(s) and the number of social interactions (i.e. Facebook shares/likes, Tweets, Stumbles, etc.) to determine which have contributed to their online success. In addition, we will provide additional commentary should something of particular interest arise.

For example, we may find a number of extremely relevant websites that provided link popularity to the competition but would be willing to link to your web site as well; with little or no work on your part. In one instance this meant a rare opportunity of finding a world-famous and highly credible website willing to provide a link for a client; links such as those are more valuable than gold. We may also find particular pieces of content that did exceptionally well in the social networks which you could copy or improve upon to similar/greater effect.

2. Search Engine Friendly Analysis

How search engine friendly is the structure of your competitor’s web site? Have the search engines found a large percentage of the pages that actually exist on their website(s)? If so, it could be that their web site structure is helping them win online. We will outline our findings and provide live online examples wherever applicable.

3. Search Engine Optimization Analysis

How well has your competitor’s web pages been optimized for search engine rankings? We will carefully pick apart the background programming (source code) of their home page and other major pages in their web site to determine what they may have done correctly to assist their success.

4. Organic and Paid Keyword Analysis

What organic keywords are your competitor’s focusing their marketing on? Using a variety of analytical and statistical methods we will put together a comprehensive list of the keywords for which your competitors chose to focus advertising dollars. This includes the review of each competitor’s pay-per-click advertising campaigns which can yield incredibly valuable detail on the words and ad copy which provided the greatest conversions.

5. Summary Recommendations

The competitor analysis will be concluded with summary recommendations for your website based on the effective tactics discovered. The end goal is to drive more conversions and ultimately sales to your website.

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